Online WHMIS Program

Hazardous materials pose a serious risk to those who work with or around them. You may often feel nervous or unprepared on how to handle a spill or incident. At GoalZero Safety, we want to give you the confidence you need to be safe around these materials. We offer an online WHMIS training program to help workers feel more at ease with their work.

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If you or your team works around hazardous materials, you are required by law to complete training on how to handle different hazardous materials. In our online WHMIS program, we cover not only how to handle different materials but also the hazards specific to each material as well as what to do in case of a spill. This knowledge is crucial to ensure safety in an otherwise dangerous environment.

We can even provide custom training manuals for your workplace to make sure that all the information you learned in the online program is accessible at all times.

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We have a history of working in construction and oil, which has lead us to understand the dangers that arise from lack of information. Our programs are thorough and accessible so that every employee or manager can understand and apply the information. Even if you only work near hazardous materials, knowing what to do if you come into contact with any type of material can save lives.

Our WHMIS programs are compatible with most devices and operating systems. We also make sure that they are applicable not only to the employees but to the supervisors as well so that each individual is aware and trained on how to handle hazardous materials and to make sure others handle it properly too.